Our mission is “Enhancing the Health of Human and Earth” through investment and cooperation with large corporations in Vietnam as well as around the world to develop green, environmentally friendly products and at the same time building global value chains for these products.

The Earth is being harmed by unsustainable human development. The rapid increase of the world population leads to a shortage of food and natural resources for human consumption such as land, water and timber. Consequently, this lead to the increased use of chemicals in agriculture (leading to unsafe food) and the increase in the exploitation of natural resources, the destruction of forests to serve the increasing needs of human beings, thereby destroying the natural environment (land, water, air, ecosystems) and causing global climate change.

In order to develop sustainably, it is necessary to develop environmentally friendly products as well as develop clean and environmentally-friendly agricultural production methods to produce safe, renewable products for the better health of human and the earth.

With the world’s most advanced technologies (Japan, Europe and America), SJF has been addressing these issues by developing environmentally friendly materials and products and at the same time connecting global value chain for these products to promote sustainable development.

We pursue a strategy of sustainable development towards becoming a “social enterprise” that pioneering in Vietnam to invest in green businesses to help protect the environment, not only bring value to itself but also helps to develop the community and to alleviate poverty for mountainous people.