Ngày tạo: 30-09-2016


SJF, through its subsidiaries and associates, directly invests in farms applying Japanese biotechnology from Sunstar Lacto Japan and Ecoparadise. In these farms we also apply local expertise from Prof. Nguyen Lan Dung and other consultants in order to have the best products. These farms are called “Sunstar Lacto Farm”


Livestock 3F Model:

SJF applies the LBF patented probiotics solution in combination with the method of livestock breeding by Professor Nguyen Lan Dung to build a closed organic production chain 3F: Feed – Farm – Food.

                                                         Lacto Pig Farm in Ba Vi, Hanoi.

SJF is currently working with partners to build a feed mill factory applying Japanese LBF probiotics technology in Hoa Binh province. This factory will be incorporated into SJF after completion, expected in the end of 2017.

Beside, SJF has invested in companies specialized in trading agricultural products (maize, cassava) in Dien Bien, Son La, Hoa Binh and Ha Giang. These companies help SJF control the clean materials for the Feed mill factory. At the same time, we can take avantage of the buying network that has been establised to source bamboo for local bamboo factories.

The pilot farms are as follows: chicken farms (commercial chickens and egg-laying hens) and ducks in Dong Anh and Chuong My, Hanoi; Pig farms in Luong Son Hoa Binh; and Ba Vi, Hanoi. High-grade pigs are raised with special method producing superior quality pork products that are much more nutritious than ordinary pork. SJF is working with partners to invest in large scale farms integrating ecotourism and bio tech farming in Hoa Binh and Ba Vi. The products will be high quality pork, chicken, vegetables, fruits, tea ect. that meet the high demand of safe and healthy food for the domestic market and export.


In the field of cultivation, the company started to invest in cultivation of some vegetables and fruits according to the organic technology of Japan LBF initially very good results.

SJF cooperated with the partner to develop organic Oolong tea on an area of 60ha at the foot of Ba Vi mountain because of natural conditions that are pure clean and highly suitable for Oolong tea. The so-called Lacto Oolong tea product started to market from the end of 2016 have been well received by customers. This organic tea product was produced to meet the great demand of people for safe and healthy tea, a food that is proven very good for human health but is being planted in unsafe ways.

                                 Oolong Tea Farm applied LBF Biotech in Ba Vi, Hanoi

In 2015, the Group established Hoa Binh CP Orange JSC to develop high quality Lacto-tech orange in Lac Thuy District (30 hecta) and Cao Phong District (20 hecta) in Hoa Binh Province. Cao Phong oranges have been granted geographical indication brand for their very fruitful and unique flavor.

                              Cao Phong Orange Farms applied LBF & P-GRO – Cao Phong, Hoa Binh

Hoa Binh CP Orange JSC is implementing the project of growing, processing and preserving oranges using Fresh Keeping Japanese Technology in Cao Phong. The purpose is to provide high quality and safe orange throughout the year including summer when the demand is very high but orange is mostly imported from China. It will also creat the most reliable place in Cao Phong for customers to visiting and shoping special agricultural products of Hoa Binh province. The project will also help solve the problem of “bumper crops – price falls” that expected to be the big issue of Cao Phong since the quantity of orange produced is rising very quick in recently years.

sunstarlactofarm-768x576 vuonraumau-768x576
                              Vegestable Farm Applied Lacto LBF biotech in Ba Vi, Ha Noi.

SJF also work with partners in different region of Vietnam to produce japan-biotech agricultural specilaty products such as lychee Luc Ngan, logan Hung Yen, Takki Melon, dragon fruit, ect.

Lacto Lychee vs Normal method (Luc Ngan, Bac Giang).   Mr Unno guilding farmers spraying P-GRO for Logan (Hung Yen)


         Lacto Takki melon                             Dragon Fruit LBF Farm in Lac Thuy, Hoa Binh

Producing & Trading Agricultural Supplies

SJF supplies some types of agricultural materials in agricultural production such as fertilizers (organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers). In modern agricultural production, the use of organic fertilizers alone does not meet the demand for yields as land is overused several times a year. Hence, in order to ensure both the productivity required to combine both organic and chemical fertilizers sufficiently to produce both higher productivity and quality. Japan’s modern agriculture has long used this method to produce the highest quality products in the world.


           Organic fertilizer factories in Japan (left) and Cao Phong (right)

At the same time, SJF also provides agricultural products such as maize and cassava in the North West to feed mills. JSF has a network purchasing agricultural products in locals in the northwestern region in order to develop inputs for the feed factory of the system, in order to build a closed model 3F model from the input to the table.
                                              Maize and cassava in the North West