E-commerce Platform ExportPortal – The bridge for Vietnamese enterprise to expand overseas


E-commerce Platform Export Portal: The bridge for Vietnamese enterprise to expand overseas

Newspaper of Industry and Trade

Export Portala new US-based e-commerce platform with advanced blockchain technology has officially been introduced to the Vietnamese business community. Export Portal seeks to be an effective link to help Vietnamese companies reach global markets.

A unique and breakthrough model

At the Workshop: “Supporting Vietnamese Enterprises In Direct Exporting via US E-commerce Platform Export Portal” held by Industry and Trade Media Center (Newspaper of Industry and Trade) in cooperation with Sunstar Investment Joint Stock Company and Export Portal (USA) on July 3rd, Ms. Ally Spinu – CEO of Export Portal, launched the ecosystem to be a trusted e-commerce platform that facilitates transactions between thousands of sellers, buyers, manufacturers and shippers from around the world. The power of ExportPortal.com is to simplify commercial transactions anywhere in the world. As the E-commerce hub for global business, this transaction platform will provide businesses with the necessary space for their products to reach a wider audience and help buyers find products faster and more efficiently. Export Portal’s focus is also to remove the concern about fraudulent accounts and products, ensuring all sellers undergo a thorough verification process. By requiring the buyer to prepay for goods in an escrow account at the seller is obliged to deliver the goods at the guaranteed quality for payment to be issued. Export Portal ensures that all parties receive balanced protection during the transaction.

Export Portal acts as a facilitator, willing to help you from the beginning to the end of the transaction. We support you at any stage, whether you are importers or exporters, buyers or sellers.” – Ms. Ally Spinu emphasized!

Mr. Nguyen Tan Dat – General Manager of Sunstar Investment Joint Stock Company claims, one of the solutions to help businesses gain access to the market is through B2B transactions and through international e-marketplaces. However, there are a lot of e-commerce platforms recently and there have been many problems that lead to distrust for both importers and exporters. This results in a decline in the number of successful transactions and a loss in trust in the import export process.

The biggest problem of these e-marketplaces are the fact that they cannot control which is a reputable company and which is actually a fraudulent company selling counterfeit and inferior products. Some of the big names in the world have recently been sued, investigated and ostracized by importers as well as reputable merchants. The introduction of a safer and more convenient e-commerce model is essential to the marketplace.

In that context, Export Portal – a new US-based E-commerce platform with advanced Blockchain technology was launched to make international transactions safe and easy for all parties through superior technology in partner verification, transaction verification as well as translation, technical support, legal, logistics, finance and insurance.” – said Mr. Nguyen Tan Dat.

Open door to the rest of the world

In order to survive in the context of globalization, enterprises need to compete with international companies in terms of price and quality. Mr. Nguyen Tan Dat acknowledged, despite being a large company, with highly skilled human resources trained and working for many years in Europe and America, we still face many difficulties in exporting goods. Even if there are customers, if it was not a large enterprise with sufficient human and financial resources, the implementation of successful transactions is still a challenging journey. This is a great barrier that makes products of many small and medium enterprises in Vietnam difficult to access in the international marketplace.

After much research, we can see that Export Portal is a link, an effective tool to help Vietnamese enterprises in the journey to reach out overseas to grow faster and more sustainably. In other words, joining Export Portal means being involved in the global market flow. Small and medium enterprises should “swim” in the right direction” – said Mr. Nguyen Tan Dat.

There is a lot of risk for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, when they access foreign markets such as high cost, different international laws, extended timing of transaction, or loss in trading – Ms. Ally Spinu adds. In addition, there are psychological risks for investors: Fear of unknown, fear of political, cultural and legal barriers and fear of losing control… We have made a survey in Vietnam and only 21% of Vietnamese small and medium enterprises said they are willing to step into the foreign market to seek new opportunities for themselves.

That’s why we came to Vietnam. Export Portal will serve as a guide and lead Vietnamese businesses to foreign markets. Based on Blockchain technology, ExportPortal.com is not only an e-commerce site but also a tool for small and medium enterprises to produce locally but sell globally. We will support businesses in all relevant steps from logistics to insurance as well as marketing. Registration is free for buyers, sellers, manufacturers and freight forwarders, so there is no risk to join. ” – said Ms. Ally Spinu.

Box: Export Portal has expanded its network in 120+ countries, facilitating transactions between businesses around the world. Today, Export Portal has supplied hundreds of different kinds of goods, from consumer electronics, machinery, glassware, foodstuffs and agricultural products In Vietnam, Sunstar Investment Joint Stock Company is the Brand ambassador of Export Portal.

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Telephone + 84 90 173 55 09, +84 94 865 39 89

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