Ngày tạo: 03-10-2016


Sunstar Green Tech (SGT) is SJF’s Center for Research and Development (R & D) that develop the latest green technologies in the fields of agriculture, industrial bamboo, environmental protection, energy and automation. SGT cooperates with Research institutes and partners from Japan, Canada, Germany and United States to research and develop innovative technologies that fundamentally change the important industries: agriculture, manufaturing, energy ect. toward improving production efficiency, saving natural resource, and improving the health of human and Earth.


Vietnam has been experiencing the problem of “bumper crops – price falls” in agricultural production for many years. This is because there is no effective food preservation solution to help prolong the distribution period of agricultural products.

SJF owns the Point Warp Fresh Keeping System technology, which was invented by Yoshiro Komiyama, vice chairman of the SJF. This is among the most advanced preservation technology in the world, which has been widely used in Japan for 15 years. This solution can keep food fresh for 3 to 6 months without using preservatives.

This technology helps food producers, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and households keep their food fresh longer, reducing food waste.

The essence of this technology is the use of electromagnetic fields to preserve food at low temperatures from -5 to 0oC (for meat, fish ..) and from 0 to 3oC (for vegetables and fruits). The superiority of this technology is to keep the food from freezing so that it remains intact in shape, taste and freshness.


WTS is a microbiological solution of Sunstar Lacto Japan used for treatment of organic waste, livestock environment and waste water in food processing and domestic sewage. This product is also used for treating activated sludge, organic wastes in and beneath the pond bottom, aquaculture ponds to improve the aquaculture environment, heping aquaculture growing faster.