Ngày tạo: 14-06-2017


1. Prof.Dr. Matsui Saburo

Professor Matsui Saburo is the world’s leading specialist in biotechnology applied in environmental treatments and organic farming. Prof. Matsui was a professor at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering at Kyoto University, Japan, and a member of the United Nations Global Environment Institute. Dr. Matsui has advised Vietnam on several JICA (The Japan International Cooperation Agency) programs on waste disposal in upland school and turned waste into organic fertilizer for agriculture.

Prof. Matsui was a member of the team that successfully developed the Lactobacillus fermentum (LBF), a highly potent plant-based bacteria that is capable of growing in a variety of extreme environments. This type of bacteria is very effective in the treatment of the environment and organic farming as well as functional food for humans. 06 patent licenses have been issued in Japan and the US for the application of Lactobacillus fermentum bacteria in the field of agricultural and environmental production.

With his extensive experience, Prof. Matsui Saburo has advised many effective solutions to help develop organic agriculture and environmental treatment for SJF.

2. Prof.Dr. Nguyen Lan Dung 

Professor Nguyen Lan Dung is a leading biologist in Vietnam. He is a well-known and knowledgeable person in many fields. He has made great contributions to the development of Vietnam’s biology. Professor Dung is a pioneer in promoting the application of biotechnology in agricultural production in Vietnam. With a desire to change Vietnam’s agriculture towards sustainable development, Prof. Dung consults SJF in the fields of cultivation and animal husbandry, helping to create high quality safe products for the domestic market. In particular, he advised SJF to create a number of high quality food products such as cinnamon snail swine (yellow snail and cinnamon worm), “spirulina swine” or “Kobe” (Swine fed with Japanese spirulina).

Prof. Nguyen Lan Dung is the Chairman of the Vietnam Biological Sciences Association, the Chairman of the volunteer program on bringing science and technology into farmer households. Prof. Dung is the key to help SJF realize the dream of healthy and safe food for the Vietnamese.


3. Dr. Ngo Kieu Oanh

Dr. Ngo Kieu Oanh is the daughter of Vietnam’s first Agriculture Minister, Mr. Ngo Quy Nhon. Dr. Oanh is very enthusiastic with the development of organic agriculture associated with tourism. She is a pioneer in organic farming in Vietnam and is famous for herbs that are very delicious and medicinal.

Dr. Oanh is currently one of the mentors of the Asian-Japan Business Connection & Development Program. This program supports women in global organic agriculture development.

Dr. Oanh advises SJF on the development of an organic producer network in Ba Vi and is now directly promoting the development of organic agriculture associated with agricultural tourism in Ba Vi, Son Tay and Thach That.

4. Dr. Duong Quoc Sy 

Dr. Duong Quoc Sy is a member of the Vietnam Chemistry Association and has extensive experience in the development and application of technology in both domestic and internationally. He studied at Faculty of Chemistry, Hanoi University and held key positions at National Research Institutes. In the process of his work, he has participated in research and technology transfer for many projects in Vietnam.

At present, Dr. Sy consults SJF in field of research and development of biotechnology applied in agricultural projects. He is also a linkage between the SJF and the Ministries and with local authorities where SJF is presented.

5. Dr. Nguyen Thac Hoat

Dr. Hoat has been consulting SJF in funds raising as well as working with banks and financial companies. Dr Nguyen Thac Hoat is a well-known experienced expert in economic and finance in Vietnam. He used to work as acting Chairman of VietinBank (Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade), one of the largest four state-owned banks in Vietnam; Chairman of Vietinbank Securities…

Currently, he works as an expert consulting many banks, securities companies and large corporations in strategic development and financing structure. He is also the Head of Banking & Finance Faculty at the Academy of Policy and Development (APD), Ministry of Planning and Investment, focusing on research and teaching in the area of economics and banking and finance.