Ngày tạo: 30-09-2016


SJF has two proprietary advanced biotechnology solutions from Japan that have been widely used successfully in Japan and internationally: LBF (Lactobacillus Fermentum) of Sunstar Lacto Japan.

In Japan these are two separate solutions, each of which are excellent tools used independently in organic farming. However, in the testing process in Vietnam, we found that each solution has its own advantages that can complement each other very well in the conditions of Vietnam. Therefore, when these two solutions are applied simultaneously the results improve significatly.

1. LBF Probiotics (LactoBacillus Fermentum)

Microbial technology LBF is an advanced probiotics successfully researched and applied by Professor  Saburo Matsui (Kyoto University).


The most important component of this probiotic contains a beneficial bacterium strain of Lactobacillus fermentum. LBF is a acid lactic bacteria selected by Prof. Saburo Matsui from over 200 types of lactobacillus bacteria.

LBF has many advantages over other beneficial bacteria. LBF is a plant lactic acid bacterium that has very strong characteristics on acid, salt and heat and thus can exist and adapt in a variety of harsh environments. Although LBF is lactic acid bacterium, it is very familiar (gentle) to humans, animals and plants, but its lactic acid environment inhibit and destroy other harmful bacteria. Most importantly, the use of these strains in cultivation and animal husbandry makes the products taste better, the quality (nutrition) of the product is much better than the conventional method. This probiotics is completely safe with users, producers and the environment.

LBFLactobacilus Fermentum (LBF)

LBF Probiotics has been granted 06 patents in Japan, USA, China.. in the field of agricultural production and environmental treatment. Some main inventions from LBF technology are as follows:

(1) Dried Material of Lactic Acid Bacterium and Method for Producing the Same (Patent No. JP4067474 issued on 03/03/2005);
(2) Livestock Feed and Method for Producing the Same (Patent No. JP4101769 issued on March 28, 2008);
(3) Livestock Feed Additives (Patent No. JP4101729 issued on 28/03/2008);
(4) Method for Breeding Livestock (Patent No. JP4243622 and US2008044396 issued on 28/03/2008);
(5) Sewage Treatment Equipment and Method for Livestock Farm (Patent No. JP3806400 issued on 19/05/2006);
(6) Engineering Method of Improving Bottom of Culture Ponds (Patent No. JP4852060 issued on 28/10/2011).


2. Decomposing organic waste into organic fertilizer – WTS System

Composing waste

WTS system is a very powerful microbiological solution used to treat organic waste, manure … into organic fertilizer with much faster processing time than conventional method.

WTS is a combination of three useful bacteria: Lactobacillus Fermentum (LBF), Bacillus subtilis natto, and Actinomycetes. The solution has been widely used in environmental treatment in farms, food processing, and daily household activities. It helps decomposing organic substances, grease … to clean water in order to meet BOD, COD, SS standards.

This product is also used for the treatment of activated sludge, organic wastes under the pond floor, aquaculture ponds to improve the aquaculture environment, fisheries grow faster and healthier without using antibiotics.