Ngày tạo: 30-09-2016



We consider people is the most important factor contributing to success and sustainable development. Therefore, the we create favorable conditions for each member to develop their full potential abilities. Upon that the employees can both develop personal career and at the same time contributing to the prosperity of the Company and the community.

We build our culture based on the sharing of values and teamwork spirit, in which each member of the Company is very clear about the Company goals, strategies and action plans in every stage of development. Thereafter, each individual will devote himself to the samurai spirit: absolute loyalty, do not give up, and dedicating lifetime for the success of the team and for the development of the community.

To meet the needs of continuous development, we always wish to welcome talented individuals to join our team to realize the company mission “Enhancing the Health of Human and Earth”, addressing the social security problem, poverty reduction for ethnic people in the Northwest of Vietnam.

If you feel this is your second home, please do not hesitate to contacting us at: