Ngày tạo: 03-10-2016


Bamboo is considered as the world greenest raw biomaterial. The development of bamboo sector is highly supported by international organizations, governments and people from all other the world to help protecting the ecological enviroment and the Earth.

SJF realized its important mission protecting the Earth through investing in industrial bamboo production and developing bamboo plantation. Moreover, developing bamboo sector can also help eliminating hunger and poverty for the people in mountainous areas. The Prosperity Initiative (PI) international organization has shown that bamboo is the best crop to help reduce poverty in rural areas.

SJF is the largest company in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in production of industrial bamboo products (bamboo glue board, pressed bamboo, engineering bamboo). We are working with leading partners in the world to develop bamboo products for home appliances, furniture, architecture & structural engineering and industrial products ect.

Currently BWG Mai Chau (a subsidiary of SJF) is the only IKEA’s supplier of bamboo home appliances in Vietnam.

The market of industrial bamboo products has experienced a high growth rate of average 30% per year in the last 5 years and is expected to continue in the next ten years due to the fact that people are more and more awareness of the important of environment protection.

SJF is currently investing in three subsidiary companies producing industrial bamboo products, namely Mai Chau BWG JSC, Viet Nga Hoa Binh JSC and Dien Bien BWG Ltd.

1. BWG Mai Chau Bamboo Factory

The Mai Chau BWG Factory is specialized in producing engineering bamboo products (glue board, laminated veneer bamboo LVB, rigmat, ect.) and bamboo home appliances & furniture (flooring, decking ect.). It is the largest capacity factory in Vietnam that produces industrial bamboo products with the capacity of 120,000 m3/year. The factory is equiped with most modern technologies in bamboo field with the consultings of IKEA specialists. Currently, BWG is the only company in Vietnam that manufactures household appliances for the IKEA Group.

The BWG factory is located in Mai Chau district, the centre of bamboo in Hoa Binh province. Also, Mai Chau is bordering with Thanh Hoa province where has the largest bamboo resource in Vietnam (accounting for 80%). The favourable location of BWG is the very good foundation for the factory to operate at full capacity and be able to expand in the future, helping to consume large quantity of bamboo for the North West region. This encourage the development of bamboo forest in mountainous areas, help protecting watershed forests and reduce hunger and poverty in this poorest area of Vietnam.

Currently, BWG is the only factory in Vietnam that can produce the Temporary Road Access Mat (Rig Mats, Crane Mat, Pipeline Mat, Ground Protection Mat, Road Mat, Mud Mat, container flooring ect.). This the most sustainable access mat in the world. BWG spended 4 years to sucessfully research and develop this high-strengh engineering product with our strategic Canadian partner Crocodile Products INC. There is very big market for our special product with turnover average $200 billions per year for all assess mats. Our bamboo access mat is superior compared to the current traditional hardwood or steel mats. These bamboo mats are much more durable than traditional hardwood mats. They are 10 time stronger than wood in tension, 3 times stronger mechanically, 40% lighter than oak, 5% less moisture absorption than wood. In addition, the surface of bamboo mats is smooth and is easier to clean than wood mats, and more importantly, they have an extended lifespan over traditional hardwood mats. This access mat is a better long term investment than any wood and steel mat on the market.

BWG Mai Chau is also the only factory in South East Asia that can produce high quality bamboo decking. Again, this outdoor flooring product is superior compared to the current traditional decking (hardwood, plastic or wood plastic composites WPC). Bamboo decking is a great option since it has the look of hardwood decking but it far more durable and stronger than other traditional decking.

2. Viet Nga Paticle Board Factory

Viet Nga Bamboo Particle Board factory was born to make full use of waste and raw materials from Mai Chau BWG Factory and from chopsticks workshops in Mai Chau area to produce valuable bamboo particle boards used in furniture production in general and for the BWG Mai Chau factory in particular.

Viet Nga Bamboo Particle Board Factory is the largest and most modern factory in the North with the capacity of 35,000 m3/year. This is also the first factory in Vietnam to produce particle board from renewable bamboo material.

The area of Mai Chau district in Hoa Binh province has a large volume of bamboo waste from the chopsticks workshops. The introduction of the Viet Nga plant will solve this problem and contributing to environmental protection as well as enhancing the economic value of the bamboo value chain.

Bamboo particle boards are of higher quality than wooden boards due to the superior properties of bamboo materials (durable, elastic and longer). Moreover, the market for particle boards in the North in recent years is very large. However most of them are imported or sourced from the South with higher costs. The Viet Nga factory will meet this demand of domestic market and also for exportation.

3. Dien Bien BWG Bamboo Factory

Similar to BWG Mai Chau, BWG Dien Bien is an industrial bamboo factory but with lower capacity of 20,000 m3/year. BWG Dien Bien is also located in a very convenient area with raw bamboo materials can be sourced both in Dien Bien and the bordering areas of Lao PDR, where there are abundant bamboo resources.

The development of the Dien Bien factory is important in addressing social protection as well as sustainable development for one of the most difficult areas in the North West.