Ngày tạo: 30-09-2016


We consider technology is the very important foundation for the sustainable development of the corporation. As a result, R&D is a regular activity of the group to be in the forefront of the fields. Sunstar Green Tech is the R&D center of the company.

Sunstar Green Tech cooperates strategically with partners from Japan, Germany, Canada, US and Research Institutes to develop new products and technologies in order to improve production efficiency & reducing production costs so that more people can access the company’s products and bring more benefits to the community, shareholders and employees.

R&D in Industrial Bamboo

BWG is cooperating with Vietnam Forest Science Institute (VAFS) to: (1) Research and improves bamboo pressing technology; (2) Improve product quality (water resistance, mold tolerance ..) and (3) Develop bamboo varieties to produce high quality products and higher productivity bamboo forest for the area of Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa, Son La and Dien Bien provinces.

Bamboo research
Study the strength of LVB


Testing  the Strength of Bamboo Access Mat (Rig mats)

BWG is also working with Renuteq, a the leading company in bamboo structuring products from the US, to develop the International Certified Laminated Veneer Bamboo (LVB). This certified product then can be perfect alternative for hardwood, steel ect. in architectural building.

     Bamboo Airport Roof Structure, Marion Illinois, USA.       Model of Bamboo Cafeteria for a University

R&D in Agriculture

In the field of cultivation, SJF is cooperating with the Institute of AgroBiology (Vietnam National University of Agriculture) to (1) study the application of LBF in cultivation; (2) Research on the application of Aquaponics model (combination of fish culture and hydroponic vegetable cultivation) which expected to be applied in Mai Chau, Hung Yen and Lao Cai (salmon); (3) To study the application of LBF to produce organic fertilizer from waste and manure.

aquaponic cycle and system          BacterialCultivationLBF

Sunstar is also working with the GFS Technology Institute to research the application of LBF in agricultural and aquaculture production. These studies have been implemented through 02 Ministrial level research projects on livestock breeding (from 2016 to 2017) and aquaculture (2017-2018).

SJF also cooperates with the Institute of Policy and Development (APD) to develop and implement the Supply Chain Model of Production and Consumption of Organic Agricultural Products for the domestic market. The aim is to create a safe agricultural production system in close collaboration with regulators, farmers, banks, insurers, technology transfer and consumers..