Ngày tạo: 30-09-2016


Bamboo is by nature the biggest grass species in the world. That is why bamboo has a strong vitality, can survive and grow in the harshest places. Bamboo is considered to be the ecological material of the 21st century. Bamboo development is sustainable development as it helps to “enhancing the health of human and the earth”:

  • Bamboo is the fastest growing species on Earth. Some bamboo varieties can grow over 60cm in 24 hours. When a bamboo reaches full maturity within three to five years, wood take 25 to 40 years (such as Oak or Tali). This is why bamboo is considered as an ecological material that can replace wood with much longer growth times.
  • The rapid regeneration and self-reproduction properties of bamboo help providing a stable income for the poor because they do not need much money to invest. Therefore, this is the best crop for poverty reduction in the world by PI International (Prosperity Initiative) research;
  • Bamboo can grow under harsh conditions so it is easy to cover soil and protect soil from erosion;
  • Bamboo has very strong fibrous roots which especially good for anti-erosion. Even during regeneration, the roots stay intact so the erosion is prevented;
  • As it grows, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than hardwood and absorbs four times more carbon dioxide;
  • Due to the high nitrogen consumption, bamboo plantation can detoxify wastewater and improve soil quality;
  • Bamboo has excellent mechanical properties: bamboo tensile strength can exceed carbon fiber, aluminum and steel, the compressive strength of bamboo can exceed the compressive strength of concrete. This is why bamboo is considered to be the material of the 21st century.


With the above superior features of bamboo, we call bamboo “Happy material” because of the development of this material brings happiness for the poor and help protect the ecological environment.

At present, in developed countries, people are highly aware of sustainable development and they prefer to use bamboo in all their daily life. This trend will continue to increase and the less developed countries will soon follow this trend to help the bamboo industry thrive in the future.

We pledge to do our best to develop bamboo products for the domestic and international markets so that more and more bamboo is being grown for “the health of human and the Earth”.

SJF calls on all people to accompany us towards the use of bamboo products. Every bamboo product used by us will contribute to the alleviation of poverty for moutainous people and help protect the watersheds for ourselves and the ecological environment.